Why I'm Learning Nodejs

In software industry, if you are not updated you will be outdated1. So I continue to learn new stuff regularly. It has been a long, but interesting road from CLI to GUI, and FORTRAN to Objective-C.

Great Free Apps For Your New Mac

There is a perception that Mac OS is very expensive. It is true that the hardware is expensive than other available PCs; but it is also true that the stability of the system compensates for the price over time.

Playing With Objective C & Cocoa

Ever since I switched to MacOS platform, the developer in me, wanted to play with the development suites of MacOS. I delayed gratifying this desire for two years. This year, I made a promise to myself that I will develop at least one desktop application.

An User's Perspective on OSes: Horrible, Bearable and Adorable

My wife has been requesting, for sometime now, to configure one of the unused laptops at home for her. In between taking care of our two year old ever-active son, indulging in cooking delicious meals and watching over-stretched banal Tamil TV serials, she wanted to check emails, browse net and may be use a spreadsheet to budget & track household expenses.

Solo Developers Aren't Just Programmers

Back When I started in software field, in early 90’s as an employee, it was enough to master a programming language - in my case it was C and Visual Basic. You needed to know these languages really well and I did. In fact, I would program for others, for free, just to learn various aspects of the language. Once I wrote a program to control arms & legs of a robot, just to learn serial programming in C; another time I created dlls in VisualBasic that could be used in PowerBuilder to send emails.

Tools of Software Craft

Any craftsman is as good only as the tools at his disposal and the craft of software development is no different. To produce his best efforts, he should have the best tools that he can afford. Fortunately, in software industry, some of these best tools are free.