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A Dedicated Blog On Problem Solving

A Dedicated Blog On Problem Solving

For an essential subject of problem solving, there are not many blogs dedicated to it. There are authors who publish posts occasionally on the topic but not a deeper analysis.

Arnaud Chevallier who has been a researcher, a management consultant and a dean has been publishing posts on this topic in his blog - Powerful Problem Solving.

Site for problem solving A Dedicated Blog on Problem Solving

As much as structured thinking is essential for solving problems, structured presentation is necessary for communicating ideas about it. Arnaud neatly categorizes his posts under define, diagnose, identify and execute. He delves into these stages of problem solving and presents thoughtful but easy-to-read posts.

Though he doesn’t treat visual thinking as an independent topic, by utilizing photos and images relevant to the topic he enables the readers to understand the concepts clearly and easily.

If you are interested in problem solving, you should bookmark his blog.

This post is part of ‘Be a Problem Solver‘ series.

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