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Buy Your Favorite Books At Flipkart eBook Sale

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I have been a loyal & satisfied customer of Flipkart for more than half a decade now. They have the best customer service.

A year back they entered e-book business. I was one of the testers for their early version their ebook reader on iOS. Even then, the app was well crafted and had a fantastic reading experience.

I didn't continue using it because it lacked two important features:

  • You can't export highlights in the book. All my reading is non-fiction and I make copious notes and highlights. After reading, I go through highlights and notes to frame a summary. In absence of export feature, I don't want to go back page by page and type highlights and notes again.
  • All books are DRM locked. Even in case of kindle, the books are DRM locked. But at least they are downloaded into my laptops. So in a sense I have the ownership of the books I purchase. With possibility of remote-wiping, I don't want to loose what I have purchased.

But now there is a sale going on. Most books are available at Rs 99. It's a tempting offer. Also Amar, who is in-charge of ebook development confirmed that export of highlights will be in the upcoming release. So I went and purchased many books that were in my wish list. Go ahead and buy your favourites. Here are the ones I bought:

India After Gandhi by Ramachandra Guha

Antifragile by Nassim Nicholas Taleb

The Art of Thinking Clearly: Better Thinking, Better Decisions by Rolf Dobelli

Screw It, Let's Do It by Richard Branson

The Lean Startup by Eric Ries

With the coming holidays, I have loaded up iPad with books to read. I can't wait.

P.S: Have a look at Ravi's recommendations too.


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