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How I designed a super cool icon for free

A great icon aids your app to stand out in a crowded AppStore. Now you can design a great icon for free.

How can you woo a user to try your app, while he browses the AppStore? After all, there are millions of apps in App Stores and users have limited attention. With a visually appealing icon, of course. A great icon aids your app to stand out in a crowded space.

Designing a great icon takes lot of effort, money and time. In an initial stage startup, these three are most valued and a startup founder would do anything and everything to conserve them.

For my startup, Olai, I delayed designing an icon until it was time to list in app stores. I got first versions of the mobile app and so I had to focus on getting an icon designed.

That’s when I stumbled on DesignRails via ProductHunt. DesignRails is a startup that combines art and machine learning to build logos and icons.

Their process is deceptively simple. You describe your app through series of choices and descriptions. DesignRails picks up these signals, mashes them with their machine learning system and gives you five logos. You pick up your favorite and refine it by modifying font, icon, color or layout. Not satisfied? Repeat with a different set of choices.

Design Rails Process

Olai is a blogging platform that makes a blog secure and scalable by generating the blog in plain HTML and pushing the HTMLs to Amazon S3 or GitHub Pages. It gives a modern touch to an older concept (HTML blogs). I wanted the icon & logo to reflect it.

I entered tablets, iPad, quill, scroll to describe the brand. I went through few iterations to get the icon that I was satisfied. I think this logo & icon reflects that mixture well. Don’t you think so?

Olai Logo

Now go create your logo & icon for free.

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