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Write your book using softcover and docker

Softcover provides a tool to build the book and publish. Use docker to install this publishing tool.

In-depth guide to handling routes in hapijs

Routes help us to add functionality to our web-apps. Understanding how to add routes to hapijs apps.

Comprehensive guide to using Gulp with hapi.js & Typescript

Gulp automates many of the tasks in the development process. Here we use gulp to compile typescript files and restart hapi.js server.

Learn to build web-applications with Hapijs and Typescript

Want to learn to program in hapi and typescript? Come on in.

Step by step guide to dockerizing a hapijs app

How to dockerize an existing hapijs application so that you can deploy with ease and confidence

Why I started developing in nodejs again?

Few months back, I started again with nodejs. It all started with Microsoft releasing Typescript. I wanted to learn it and try to use it. So I got back to developing with nodejs.

Getting started with HapiJS and Typescript

Learning to use typescript with hapijs