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Notes from Lean Startup Session by TiE, Chandigarh

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TiE Chandigarh has been organizing discussion meets regularly under the banner of 'Startup Series'. Learn Startup was the topic for discussion yesterday (17th). It was organized at Winshuttle office in Chandigarh. Vishal Chalana, co-founder of Winshuttle talked about the principles behind Lean Startup and how he applies them at Winshuttle.

Vishal at Winshuttle

Here are my notes:

Vishal on Lean Startup

As a startup founder, I have read articles, watched videos, and listened to podcasts on lean-startup. So I was aware of the lean-startup process and I was following it in building Olai, the blogging platform that I'm building. Like many startup founders, I'm also keen on learning. Yet, as I was listening to Vishal, I realized that I have not given enough importance to "feedback loop". Thanks Vishal for reminding about the importance of "feedback loop".

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