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The outside world can push you into Day 2 if you won’t or can’t embrace powerful trends quickly. If you fight them, you’re probably fighting the future. Embrace them and you have a tailwind. - Jeff Bezos

Every week I talk to experts shaping business and technology and bring you the best of the insights from our conversations. If you want to have an edge in your career and life, you want to know these trends.

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Joseph Jude

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What Others Are Saying

“Joseph has got the knack of fetching maximum insights from the other person in the conversation. He doesn’t only cover the work-related aspect of life but also touches upon other things which matter a lot in life.” - Rishabh Garg

“I have known JJ closely for some years now, and the simplicity of his thought process is mind-blowing !!! A voracious reader, he knows the art of converting information to knowledge… and he makes it all look so simple.” - Ritika Bhatia

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